Validation, Collaboration, Digitalization, and more: Insights from 13 July Venture-Out Event

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Watch Venture-Out Events featuring Kuza One and Piatrika Biosystems: two digital agriculture startups take the stage to share their technologies, and discuss with A4IP and Ram Dhulipala (ILRI) how scientists and entrepreneurs can work together to overcome barriers to scale.

Kuza One and Piatrika Biosystems are two digital agriculture startups bridging the worlds of science and entrepreneurship. On July 13, CGIAR’s Accelerate for Impact Platform invited these innovations and Ram Dhulipala, Senior Scientist for Digitial Agriculture and Innovation at ILRI, to showcase their technologies and dive into a discussion about the opportunities for scientists to partner with startups and conquer scaling challenges.

Kuza One is an organization focused on empowering smallholder farmers and promoting entrepreneurship. They address the challenges faced by farmers by empowering rural youth as ‘agripreneurs,’ providing bundled services like crop advice, access to inputs, credit, and market connections. Kuza One uses digital technologies to scale their impact, offering a library of 10,000+ videos in multiple languages.


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