Two new One Health projects are launched to improve human health

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On 3 August 2022, a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam kicked off two new research projects—the CGIAR research initiative Protecting human health through a One Health approach and the Korea-funded ICT4Health project. These research projects will help improve human health by using the interdisciplinary One Health approach.

The CGIAR One Health Initiative has five work packages:

  • zoonoses;
  • food safety;
  • antimicrobial resistance;
  • environment (water and wildlife interfaces); and
  • economics, governance and behaviour.

The ICT4Health project has five components:

  • conducting a gap analysis of the current registration of transboundary animal and emerging zoonotic diseases;
  • establishing One Health transboundary animal and emerging zoonotic diseases surveillance working groups;
  • conducting a pilot study for a surveillance and monitoring system using information and communication technology (ICT) responding to transboundary animal and emerging zoonotic diseases;
  • deploying tools and methods to improve the surveillance of transboundary animal and emerging zoonotic diseases; and
  • developing strategies to improve agricultural extension services and share equal benefits and rights for women through gender-focused interventions.

Photo credit: A Maasai pastoralist taking livestock to drink from the Olkitikiti Dam, in Olkitikiti village, Kiteto, Tanzania (ILRI/Fiona Flintan)

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