Top Tanzanian officials seek ONE-CGIAR collaboration on scaling research technologies

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The Permanent Secretary (PS) at the Tanzania Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ms Dorothy Mwaluko, has identified the scaling up of innovative technologies from research to farmers as a major challenge to the growth of the agriculture sector in the country and therefore a priority area of collaboration with ONE CGIAR.

The PS noted that farmers in the country continue to use traditional farming practices, which are also not profitable. As a result, they remain poor, and the growth of the country’s agriculture sector remains slow.

The PS said this while speaking to a delegation from CGIAR-IITA and the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT (ABC). The team paid a courtesy call to present on ONE CGIAR and its activities in Tanzania, along with the successes and challenges.

The team also gave a presentation on how ONE CGIAR can assist the country in its efforts to address some of the challenges posed by COVID-19 to the country’s agriculture sector and food and nutrition security.

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