STEP hosts CGIAR Global Director at Fasola agribusiness facility

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Andre Zandstra, Global Director, Innovative Finance and Resource Mobilization at the CGIAR System Management Office, visited the IITASTEP Agribusiness Facility in Fasola, Oyo State, during his visit to the IITA headquarters in Ibadan recently. He was received by the students, STEP teachers, school administration, and members of the STEP team at Fasola Grammar School, Oyo.

While touring some of the facilities, which included the Processing Centre, ICT room, training room, broilers’ and layers’ pens, the screen house, School Hall, classrooms, and Central Science Laboratory, Zandstra expressed delight and commended the impact the facilities are having in the learning process of the students.

A STEP representative gave a brief background on the program’s success stories and how it has impacted the students, schools, and community, and added that this gave birth to the STEP-Oyo partnership, which operates in 10 schools in the state. The school principal, Mr Lamidi Abolaji, described how the project has increased enrollment in the school, adding that “Fasola community is developing into a ‘semi-urban’ environment due to the intervention of STEP and IITA.”

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