Stakeholders discuss solutions to aflatoxin scourge on Nigeria’s export market

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The Reducing Post-harvest loss across Vitamin A Maize and Cassava Value Chain project of IITACGIAR organized a virtual seminar on 26 August. The seminar featured private sector and government speakers highlighting the impact of and solution to aflatoxin contamination on Nigeria’s export market.

Aflatoxins are poisons produced naturally by toxin-producing Aspergillus fungi in several food crops, including staple grains like maize, groundnut, and spices like chilies and ginger. Chronic exposure may result in liver cancer and immune system suppression.

IITA’s Godwin Atser, Project Manager and Advocacy, Promotion and Outreach Lead, who moderated the event, mentioned that the seminar’s purpose was to look into the issue of aflatoxin and how it is affecting the import market in Nigeria.

Titilayo Falade, Associate Scientist at IITA Pathology/Aflasafe Unit, stated that the seminar would highlight pitfalls of the export market and how to avoid them. She mentioned that representatives from the private sector and the government would speak on the theme from the perspective of their institutions.

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