Stakeholder collaboration and cooperation key to past successes and the future of China’s high-tech rice industry

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Manila, Philippines (October 16, 2023) – China’s high-tech rice industry is experiencing significant growth and holds promising prospects for the future driven by research collaboration and cooperation, according to Yangjun Zhang, director of Rice R&D at the Da Bei Nong (DBN) Group during his keynote address at the 6th International Rice Conference in Manila on 16 October 2023.

Dir. Zhang said the country’s rice industry’s development and progress highlight the importance of the advancements in the industry not only for agricultural modernization but also for the broader goal of national prosperity.

His keynote address touched on past achievements and the future of the country’s rice industry. China, where rice cultivation began, has been leading in breeding high-yielding hybrid rice since the 1970s. The country made a big step forward with the development of the “Super Rice” which produces 30% higher yield. In 1999, Super Rice produced a record yield of 17,055 kilograms per hectare in Yunnan Province.

As for the future, Dir. Zhang shared his insights on the industry’s transition toward Biological Breeding 4.0. This forward-looking approach leverages molecular design, gene editing, big data, and artificial intelligence to further enhance the quality, yield, and sustainability of rice production.

He emphasized the importance of collaboration and cooperation among rice industry stakeholders to further enhance the development and competitiveness of China’s rice sector.

“DBN is willing to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and enterprises for win-win cooperation,” Dir. Zhang said.

The DBN Group is one of the key contributors to the growth of China’s rice industry. The DBN Group has made significant strides in the production of high-quality seeds as part of its mission to contribute to technological self-reliance, agricultural modernization, and national transformation. The DBN…

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