Silent revolution as farmers attest to the productivity of “chin-chin” yam

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A silent revolution is happening in Nigeria’s yam production systems. Pebble-sized seed tubers, known as minitubers by researchers and “chin-chin” yam by farmers affiliated with the Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA II), could change how yam is produced in Nigeria. This follows the experiences of some farmers and seed entrepreneurs like Alhaji Mohammed Isa Galadima from Paiko Local Government Area, Niger State.

Alhaji Galadima attested to the productivity of the minitubers, noting that he harvested tubers ranging from 0.75 g to 2.2 kg during an Open Day at IITA-Abuja Station. The participants saw ware yam tubers of about 2.5 kilograms grown from minitubers.

YIIFSWA-II Seed System Specialist Beatrice Aighewi said, “Although we are promoting the production of the minitubers for certified seed production, it is good that farmers see the potential of these quality seeds. They can produce big tubers if they are well managed and stay in the field long enough to bulk.”

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