Shell and IRRI announce collaboration on low-emissions rice production during IRC 2023

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The REMET-Rice Project is a research collaboration between the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the global company Shell. Housed under IRRI’s Climate Change Mitigation Research Unit of the Sustainable Impact through the Rice-based Systems Department, REMET-Rice is dedicated to comprehensively advancing our understanding of methanogenesis processes in rice systems. The primary objective of this endeavor is to effectively mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate the translation of these into practical and scalable solutions tailored to the needs of farmers. The project was officially launched during the 6th International Rice Congress (IRC 2023).

Team members, partners, and collaborators of the project came together during the 6th International Rice Congress (IRC 2023). They actively engaged in a diverse range of sessions where they showcased their expertise in various fields. These sessions included panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, and featured exhibitions. These were distinctly focused on the production and scalability of tools and technology, all while addressing the vital subject of climate change mitigation within the realm of rice-based systems.

Notable presentations and panel discussions included:

REMET-Rice Team – IRRI

Plenary Panel Discussion: Scaling Direct Seeded Rice, a regenerative rice crop system – Together. Today – Bas Bouman Panelist: State of the Science Behind Scalable MRV Technology for Supporting Climate Finance for Low Carbon Rice at Scale – Ando Radanielson Presentation: Crop Resource Management – Bjoern Ole Sander Climate Risk, Adaptation Plans, And Approaches Presentation: Modeling The Co-Benefits And Trade-Offs Of Rice Production Interventions For Mitigation And Adaptation To Climate Change – Tao Li Rice Crop Physiology Presentation: Integrated Root Phenotypes Under Seedling Stage Drought In Direct-Seeded Rice – Amelia Henry Distributions, Genetic Diversity, and Global Assessment Presentation: The Evolution And Dispersal Of Bacterial Blight Pathogen In Asia – Van Schepler-Luu Nature-Based Farming Practices Presentation:…

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