WEBINAR: Urban and city region food systems: bridging gaps between government levels

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Urban and city region food systems: bridging gaps between government levels

                                                City Region Food Systems
Knowledge Exchange Webinar Series


                                                              Friday, 21 June 2024

                                                             13:00 – 14:30 CEST


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Rapid urbanization and global population growth have increased focus on cities and their surrounding areas in creating sustainable, resilient food systems. Many city governments are addressing these issues through multisectoral and multilevel governance approaches involving various stakeholders. However, effective coordination is often hindered by limited local government powers, budget constraints, policy inconsistencies, and political differences.

There is an urgent need for mechanisms to foster coordination between national, regional and local governments in order to implement and expand food system initiatives. This webinar by FAO, RUAF, and the CGIAR Initiative on Resilient Cities explores mechanisms used in various countries and city regions, focusing on individuals bridging different governance levels.

Officials from Cape Town, South Africa, and Depok, Indonesia, along with their regional and national governments, will discuss their collaboration mechanisms, success stories, and challenges.

The webinar aims to:

  • highlight the importance of building sustainability and resilience at the city region level, supported and enabled by regional and national policies.
  • identify mechanisms and concrete actions for coordination between local governments and their regional/national governments.
  • explore enablers of multilevel collaboration and territorial cohesion for food systems transformation.

The main language of the event will be English, with interpretation available in French and Spanish.


Time Agenda item and presenter
13:00 –13:10 Welcome and introduction, Corinna Hawkes, Director, Agrifood Systems and Food Safety Division (ESF), FAO
13:10 –13:30 Keynote presentation on multilevel governance, Charlotte Flechet, Global Programme Director, Good Food for Cities, Rikolto, followed by audience interaction
13:30 –13:55 Facilitated discussion and audience interaction:

  • Jarot Indarto, Director for Food and Agriculture, Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia
  • Dadang Wihana, Head of the Department of Development Planning (Bapedda), City of Depok, Indonesia
13:55 –14:20 Facilitated discussion and audience interaction

  • Tristan Görgens, Western Cape Government, South Africa
  • Natacha Berkowitz, City of Cape Town, South Africa
14:20 –14:25 Take-aways from discussions, Guido Santini, Programme Coordinator, Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP), FAO
14:25 -14:30 Closing remarks, Yurdi Yasmi, Special Coordinator, NSP, FAO


The webinar will be moderated by Jess Halliday, Chief Executive, RUAF.





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