Researchers re-strategize to incorporate impact culture in research planning and delivery at WPW 2023

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IITACGIAR researchers have resolved to adopt an impact culture in which research and its delivery would be more demand-driven and accountable to technology users. They reached this resolution at the 2023 IITA Work Planning Week from 20 to 24 November. The week-long workshop aimed to review significant program outcomes in 2023 and develop unit- and program-level work plans for 2024.

During the Research for Development (R4D) and Partnerships for Delivery (P4D) Systems Transformation group meeting, researchers discussed moving from production to demand-driven breeding after understanding the customers’ critical needs. The R4D-P4D Systems Transformation group is responsible for engaging partners for the upscaling of IITA agricultural innovations,

According to the researchers, IITA has focused on the quality production of improved varieties since its inception but should now concentrate on other components in the entire agricultural value chain. They agreed that successfully implementing its resolution needs robust multidisciplinary interaction and communication platforms between R4D and P4D, shifting from collaborative working relations to integrated interactions. Many stressed the need for systemic relationship building to foster effective team bonding, resource sharing, and central coordination of leaders of mandate commodities.

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