Real-time monitoring of imports, national supply for key commodities needed (The Daily Star)

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Johan Swinnen, Managing Director, Systems Transformation, CGIAR and Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute gave an extensive interview to the Daily Star (Bangladesh).

Bangladesh should conduct real-time monitoring of imports and national supply chains for critical commodities to forecast and respond in a timely manner to policy challenges and tackle the impacts of the dragging Russia-Ukraine war, said Swinnen.

“This should be accompanied by efforts to reduce post-harvest loss and enhance access to transportation, processing, and storage services. Policymakers should also expand low-interest agricultural and SME loans to help improve access to food and enhance the agricultural sector’s resilience.”

He said the situation is getting worse for the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh.

“Studies from Bangladesh and the IFPRI suggest that remedial measures must be taken as soon as possible to address the issue, such as targeted nutrition and social protection interventions, especially in urban areas.”

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