Reaching Farmers and Vulnerable Communities Amid COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to contain it impact economies and societies around the world, food systems are being disrupted. Food security is fragile under normal circumstances for smallholder farming families and other vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries. As noted in an impact analysis from International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) , projections for increased poverty levels and food insecurity are dire as a result of the pandemic.

There is a need for swift, informed action to support these vulnerable communities. HarvestPlus country teams—many of whom are on home-based lockdowns themselves— are adopting innovative and creative methods of continuing to serve, reach, and support our millions of smallholder farming beneficiaries and field partners.

From Latin America to Africa to Asia, HarvestPlus staff are striving to reach beneficiaries in the safest and best possible ways, to help them continue to grow nourishing biofortified foods for their families and sell surplus to maintain their livelihoods…

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