Promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Highlights from the 2023 Annual CGIAR Gender Research Conference

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The recent gathering of international experts at the 2023 Annual CGIAR Gender Research Conference, co-hosted by the CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), underscored the crucial role of gender inclusivity in the global agricultural landscape. From 9 to 12 October, the event held in New Delhi, India, focused on the vital theme “From Research to Impact: Towards a Just and Resilient Agri-food Systems.”

The conference highlighted the fundamental issue of gender and social inequalities deeply embedded within food systems and sought to facilitate a more inclusive approach to agricultural research and practice. With a key emphasis on bridging the gap between research and tangible outcomes, the event aimed to foster resilient, socially just, and gender-equal food systems.

The conference was a vibrant platform for researchers from diverse organizations to engage in meaningful scientific exchanges and dialogues. It provided a conducive environment for sharing innovative insights to transform food systems in line with the global agenda for sustainable development. Throughout the conference, efforts were dedicated to strengthening social networks and cultivating partnerships to drive impactful change in the agricultural landscape.

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