Promoting dual-purpose sorghum and vegetable sack gardens for better nutrition in Mali

Demonstration of improved, dual-purpose sorghum varieties and an innovative method called vegetable sack garden generated great interest in local farmers in Sikasso, Mali, recently. Farmers and agricultural scientists discussed ways to scale up these technologies for wider impact.

The improved dual-purpose sorghum varieties (Soubatimi, Peke and Randiougoucoura), with high grain yield for human consumption and green biomass for animal feed, were highly appreciated by farmers who participated in the field days. Farmers observed demonstrations of different fertility management scenarios (‘no fertilizer’/’DAP+urea’/’cow manure’). Dr Baloua Nebie, Sorghum Breeder, ICRISAT, said, “Most farmers preferred Soubatimi, which gives an excellent response to fertilizer application.”

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