Policy seminar: The Bridge Collaborative on bringing about bigger change faster

The world faces complex, interwoven development challenges. Issues such as climate change, malnutrition, and poverty require ambitious, holistic, and integrated efforts. A new report by the Bridge Collaborative and UN Development Programme (UNDP)—Bigger Change Faster: Integrated Development, Health, and Environment Actions for a Sustainable Future—lays out ways to meet three of these challenges: Clean air and renewable energy; transforming the global food system; and sanitation and wastewater improvements.

An Oct. 23 IFPRI policy seminar explored the report and its implications. The Bridge Collaborative is a partnership between the Nature Conservancy, PATH, Duke University, and IFPRI that fosters cooperation across sectors to drive change faster for key societal and planetary goals. IFPRI Environment and Production Technology Division Deputy Director Claudia Ringler is a Bridge Collaborative Secretariat member and moderated the discussion.

Photo Credit: Jamed Falik/IFPRI