Policy seminar: Exploring a cash transfer program's impacts on malnutrition in war-torn Yemen

The war in Yemen is an ongoing disaster for its people. Over 80% of the population currently requires humanitarian or protection assistance, making it the worst such crisis in the world, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. With two thirds of all districts experiencing pre-famine conditions, and 20 million people food-insecure, the question of how best to deliver food assistance is paramount. A Sept. 5 IFPRI seminar explored the findings and implications of an IFPRI impact evaluation of Yemen’s Cash for Nutrition program, which provides cash transfers in combination with nutrition education for recipients.

“Conflict is now a major driver of food insecurity globally, and we’re interested in the impacts of cash transfers in conflict situations in particular, because it’s becoming an increasingly popular mode of humanitarian aid delivery,” said IFPRI Associate Research Fellow Sikandra Kurdi, one of the authors.


Photo Credit: Jamed Falik/IFPRI