PICAGL unveils project results in DRC

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As an implementing partner in the provinces of Sud-Kivu and Tanganyika in eastern DRC, IITACGIAR has just unveiled the results achieved by the cassava and regional integration components of the Projet Intégré de Croissance Agricole dans le grand-lacs (PICAGL).

The symposium was held over two days in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu, from 27 to 28 May. During the symposium, IITA reviewed the major achievements of this project, which has provided improved varieties of cassava and rice in the two provinces concerned.

According to IITA Deputy Director General, Research for Development (DDG-R4D), Bernard Vanlauwe, in addition to the improved seeds introduced by PICAGL, the project’s two components have also enabled the rehabilitation and equipping of laboratories at CRSN Lwiro and INERA Mulungu in Kabare territory, and the construction and equipping of the aflatoxin analysis laboratory.

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