Peatland ‘core domain sets’ to streamline measurement and reporting

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Standards proposed for better data synthesis and less research waste

The world’s peatlands are vital for combating climate change, thanks to their vast carbon stores. But researchers and policymakers can’t make the most of their value if that isn’t measured, monitored and reported consistently.

That may be about to change, however, thanks to a proposed methodological framework set out in newly published research that could help provide the evidence needed to protect, restore and sustainably manage peatlands – and, indirectly, carbon capture.

“We are proposing how we could standardize peatland data collection,” says Mark Reed, lead researcher of a new study published in the journal Mires and Peat.

“Our goal is for more and more people to collect data on the same variables in ways that can be readily synthesized,” adds Reed, professor of Rural Entrepreneurship and Co-Director of the Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre, Scotland’s Rural College, Edinburgh.

“This is very significant, because when peatlands data are collected using the same variables and in ways that can be readily synthesized, this enables more robust, evidence-based policies.”

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