Oil: Green deceit and a Trump defeat...did climate change cause Cyclone Idai?

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In Forests News last week:

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 Forests News pick of stories from around the globe:

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Was climate change behind Cyclone Idai?

Cyclone Idai whipped its fury on the coastline of Mozambique last week, causing major loss of life and widespread destruction: It is estimated that 90% of the port town of Beira has been destroyed.

As scenes of devastation continue to unfold, the BBC asks, what role did climate change play in the disaster?

According to the report, the cause is unlikely to be determined, unless a private donor materialises the funds. Scientists who are skilled, simply don’t have access to the resources required to complete the amount of computer modelling to find the answer. Though the number of tropical storms hasn’t increased with climate change, the frequency of high intensity ones has. More moisture in the atmosphere creates more rainfall, rising sea levels raise the damage caused by floods, and warmer seas give cyclones more energy.

Paris Agreement, Shell, Exxon, Total, green washing, green PR, oil exploration drilling, new projects

Oil giants: Put your money where your mouth is!

An investigation into the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies has revealed spends of USD 110 billion in new oil and gas projects, despite spending USD 1 billion in climate change policy lobbying and green PR. The increased spends on fossil fuel projects dwarfs that of low-carbon investments by the giants, which stands at USD 3.6 billion. Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron BP and Total accelerated the promotion of their green energy projects following the Paris Agreement, whereby nearly…

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