NEXUS Gains’ Groundwater Governance Workshop

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On November 10 and 14, 2022, the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains hosted an international, virtual workshop to present a global review and framework for a toolbox on groundwater governance. Throughout the agenda, participants heard insights from researchers, practitioners and policymakers with experience in applying tools for groundwater governance in various countries. Discussions focused on how such tools can help to address specific nexus issues and the next steps to adapt them for NEXUS Gains geographies.

The following are video presentations associated with each session of this virtual workshop:

Setting the scene: Frameworks for groundwater governance tools

  • Bryan Bruns, International Food Policy Research Institute: Combining and crafting institutional tools for groundwater governance: A Framework Paper for NEXUS Gains. Watch the video here
  • Pratiti Priyadarshini, Foundation for Ecological Security: Commoning water: Reflections from using experiential learning methods and tools. Watch the video here

Read the Discussion Paper: ‘Combining and crafting institutional tools for groundwater governance’

How to start? Entry points for groundwater governance

  • Himanshu Kulkarni, Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management: Decentralizing and democratizing groundwater sustainability.
  • Margreet Zwarteveen, IHE Delft: Caring matters in groundwater governance. Watch the video here

Governing for NEXUS Gains

  • Stephen Hodgson, Environmental lawyer: Assessing water tenure. Watch the video here
  • Barbara van Koppen, International Water Management Institute: Water justice in ‘hybrid’ water law: a suite of statutory legal tools. Watch the video here

How to scale for synthesis and diversity?

  • Viviana Re, Università di Pisa: Socio-hydrology and the power of transdisciplinary science. Watch the video here
  • Wolfgang Kinzelbach, ETH Zurich: Groundwater problems and governance in the North China Plain. Watch the video here


This work was carried out under the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains, which is grateful for the support of CGIAR Trust Fund contributors:


Header image: Community discussion after groundwater games in India. Photo by Foundation for Ecological Security.

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