New Megatrend Insights for the Research Portfolio

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Since the launch of CGIAR’s 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy in 2021, the trajectory, frequency and pace of known trends and cycles has changed, and the world has experienced an increasing array and severity of global shocks. Examining the effect of these changes is timely as CGIAR prepares its 2025-2027 research and innovation portfolio.

In 2023, ISDC implemented a megatrend commissioned project to answer the following.

  • What megatrend dynamics have changed since the CGIAR Strategy was prepared?
  • How do these changes affect the CGIAR Strategy and its collective global targets?
  • Based on new insights into megatrend dynamics, how should the CGIAR respond?

Read the Discussion Paper Responding to Evolving Megatrends.

Learn more about Megatrends and CGIAR’s Research Portfolio.

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