Mitigate+ at GLF Nairobi 2023: A focus on promising pathways and incentives toward low-emission food systems

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What are some of the low-cost, accessible and straightforward options that will allow countries in the Global South to meet their nationally determined commitments to the Paris Agreement?

In a hybrid session at GLF Nairobi 2023 on 12 October 2023, Chris Martius, leader of the strategy work package of the CGIAR Initiative on Low-Emission Food Systems (Mitigate+), will present an evidence-based approach to finding those options.

The session will also gather perspectives on the approach from representatives from the government, academic and private sectors in Kenya, namely Elizabeth Adobi Okwuosa from the  Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization; Bernard Kimoro from the State Department for Livestock Development of the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture and  Livestock Development; and Lydia Kimani of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance.

Also on 12 October 2023, Ma. Eliza J. Villarino, a zero-deforestation value chain researcher and engagement lead of Mitigate+, will discuss promising financing and incentive models for low-emission development.

Such models emerged from research undertaken under a pioneering project that aims to promote sustainable land use systems to generate both climate mitigation and peacebuilding outcomes in Colombia.

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See more information on the CGIAR Initiative on Low-Emission Food Systems.


Photo credit:View of farmland and forest in rural Kenya, during a flight to Marsabit in the north of the country / Neil Palmer / Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

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