Mitigate+ at COP28: Let’s talk about non-market approaches, youth in climate action, social equality in low-emission food system development and more!

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Progress on implementing the work program on non-market approaches will comprise a topic that will take the spotlight at COP28 in Dubai.

But what are non-market approaches?

We will strive to answer that question in a session we are organizing at the Food and Agriculture Pavilion at COP28. The session takes place on 5 December 2023 from 18:30—19:30 UAE time.

In our session, we will explore how existing mechanisms can comprise non-market approaches and how they could look on the ground by discussing the experience in countries in the Global South.

Speakers include Augusto Castro-Nunez, leader of the scaling work package of Mitigate+ and the Low-Emission Food Systems team at the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT;  Diego Pacheco, lead negotiator of Bolivia and the spokesperson for the Like-Minded Developing Countries group; Marcos Nordgren, climate specialist of Plataforma Boliviana Frente al Cambio Climático; and Souparna Lahiri. climate Campaigner and advisor of the Global Forest Coalition.

Watch the livestream of How non-market approaches could look on the ground here.

The following day, 6 December 2023, we are holding the session delving into the role of youth in climate mitigation and adaptation in the Global South. It will also take place at the Food and Agriculture Pavilion.

The session will focus on two aspects relevant to climate action: capacity building and policymaking. It will convene young researchers to share their insights on the challenges and opportunities to fill the gap in scientific research in the Global South. It will also explore the enabling environment in low- and middle-income countries to strengthen the science-policy interface, harness the potential of the youth to influence policymaking and use their networks to upscale climate action.

Confirmed speakers for this session include Dr. Harry Clark, special representative, Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, as well as alumni of the Climate, Food and Farming, Global Research Alliance Development Scholarships Program, otherwise known as CLIFF-GRADS — Ngaiwi Mary Eyenieh, a postdoctoral fellow at the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, and Glory Edwards.

Watch the livestream of the Role of youth in capacity building and policymaking for climate action in the Global South here.

 Together with the CGIAR Initiative on Agroecology and the Agroecology Coalition, we are holding a session exploring social equality in low-emission food system development in low- and middle-income countries.

An official side event, the session will discuss gender norms shaping food systems, as well as agroecology frameworks for just low-emission food system development, inclusive businesses and value chains, co-creation with indigenous communities, and pathways to equitable food systems.

Speakers will discuss gender norms shaping food systems; Agroecology frameworks for just low-emission food system development; Inclusive businesses and value chains; co-creation with indigenous communities; and Pathways to equitable Food systems.

Join us at SE Room 4 on 11 December 2023 from 16:45 to 18:15 UAE time. Watch this space for the livestream link and for more announcements of COP28 events that Mitigate+ scientists will be at.


See more information on the CGIAR Initiative on Low-Emission Food Systems.

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