Millions of people may die from a lack of bees (Scrubs Magazine) 

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Scrubs Magazine writes in an article that bees are dying and that’s bad news for our health. These vastly important insects pollinate crops to increase the world’s supply of healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts. New research shows that the bee population is on the decline due to changes in land use, harmful pesticides, and the changing climate. This will lead to fewer healthy food options, causing more excess deaths every year. A lack of pollination has already led to a 3 to 5 percent decline in produce and nut production, according to the study.

Most of the food production loss occurred in lower-income countries. But the health burden was most acute in middle- and high-income countries where non-communicable diseases are more likely to occur.

“The results might seem surprising, but they reflect the complex dynamics of factors behind food systems and human populations around the world. Only with this type of interdisciplinary modeling can we get a better fix on the magnitude and impact of the problem,” said study co-author Timothy Sulser, a senior scientist at the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Republished in Nate (Korea).

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