Maxar Technologies’ DigitalGlobe and CGIAR Partner to Accelerate Machine Learning Solutions for Agriculture Using GBDX

CGIAR’s geospatial scientists will mine DigitalGlobe’s 100 petabyte imagery library using machine learning and the computational power of the company’s Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX) to create more sophisticated baseline datasets in agriculture, plan new projects and monitor crop health, crop yield and the environmental impacts of farming. In addition, GBDX will fuel CGIAR’s research and development efforts to improve agricultural information products and create new ones.

“Partnering with DigitalGlobe delivers a clearer picture than ever before of land use, natural resources, crop lands and much more, which we need to develop the strategies to build lasting food security worldwide,” said Brian King, Coordinator for the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture. “We are confident our work in GBDX will unlock the creative and innovative minds of CGIAR’s researchers and help them catalyze digital agriculture, leading to a better quality of life across the developing world.”

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