Just Launched: IRRI Launched Open Learning Platform openlearning.cgiar.org

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The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is geared to transform the way we learn about water, land, and food systems with the launch of its open learning platform on July 4. IRRI Deputy Director General for Strategy, Engagement, and Impact, Joanna Kane-Potaka officially launched the platform during the IRRI Science Days.

The Open Learning platform, developed by IRRI Education, the educational arm of IRRI, is designed to provide access to materials and resources for learners worldwide. Through the platform, researchers, policymakers, partners, value-chain stakeholders, farmers, and anyone interested in food, land, and water systems can now access knowledge on the latest advancements of CGIAR driven by its research and innovations.

Open Learning currently offers three learning options that learners can choose from to suit their needs. Microlearning, are bite-size modules covering vital concepts, skills, technologies, and innovations related to water, land, and food systems. Open Online Courses, are 2-4 week immersive courses in science, technology, and leadership. Enrolled learners will also have the opportunity to interact with the subject matter experts throughout the learning journey. Meanwhile, Self-paced E-learning Modules are interactive modules designed to achieve specific learning objectives.

“At IRRI, we believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration. With our Open Learning platform, we are bringing together a diverse community of learners and experts from around the world to foster an interactive and engaging learning experience,” said Gopesh Tewari, Head of IRRI Education, about the impact the Open Learning platform is expected to have. IRRI Education, with support from scientist colleagues at IRRI and CGIAR, is actively working on creating research-driven courses to be offered worldwide through this platform.

Watch the platform’s introduction video below.

For more information on how to get involved, please email education@irri.org

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