Insect4feed: A sustainable solution for livestock feed

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On 9 October, the IITA Business Incubation Platform (BIP), with the Dutch government and other partners, launched the Insect4feed Entrepreneur Incubation Program to train participants to create sustainable and nutritious feed for the livestock industries.

BIP Business Development Officer Victoria Ayeni introduced the dignitaries, facilitators, and entrepreneurs who participated in the program physically and virtually.

BIP Chief Executive Officer and Director Debo Akande welcomed the participants to the 13-week program. He urged the entrepreneurs to maximize the opportunity provided by the practical sessions to have a robust outcome in production afterward. He said, “This training is bringing a more structured approach to the Insects4Feed project in Nigeria and this is supported by the Dutch government and NGN. And they are doing what we call proof of concept within IITA to understand whether it is technically and economically viable. When all these are known, we can ask the private sector to start engaging.”

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