Increased varietal identification capacity among extension officers to boost zero hunger achievement in Benue

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Varietal identification is a precursor to scaling improved cassava seed to smallholder farmers through the extension system. Six extension officers (one female and five male) and three lead farmers (two male, one female) from Benue State’s three senatorial districts recently received training in varietal identification under the IITA-led Zero Hunger project in May 2023.

The training was conducted by a team of experts from IITA, University of Ibadan and the IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Program.

The training covered a range of topics, including the importance of varietal identification, names of each variety, the different methods of varietal identification, and benefits of varietal identification.

The extension officers were enthusiastic about the training and expressed a strong commitment to deploy the new skills to help farmers increase access to improved seed and increase their yields.

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