IITA strategically positioned to contribute to the One-CGIAR agenda in sub-Saharan Africa

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IITA embraced the One-CGIAR initiative in the past year because a unified CGIAR will be a more effective and impactful organization. Since then, the Institute has participated in the unfolding plans and is strategically positioned to contribute to the One-CGIAR agenda in sub-Saharan Africa. Significant developments have been taking place at IITA and  CGIAR, with bigger plans for 2021. 

Following discussions with the Directors General, the CGIAR Executive Management Team (EMT) formed Design Working Groups in December 2020 to provide input and advice on designing the new CGIAR operational model. The groups consist of a crosssection of Directors General and staff, covering the three functional areas of the new operational structure: Research and Delivery, Institutional Strategy and Systems, and Global Engagement and Innovation. 

On 31 March 2021, the appointment of Global Directors under the three functional areas, Regional Directors, and country-level leads, will be made from among existing center Human Resources. The CGIAR EMT emphasized their confidence in the capabilities of the IITA HR team to fulfil these responsibilities on behalf of the One CGIAR, especially in Africa. The EMT is also considering leveraging on IITA’s facilities, HR, and partnerships in certain areas, to build on existing achievements toward a strong and respected One CGIAR for Africa and beyond. 

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