IITA-CGIAR Bioscience strengthens graduates’ capacity to enhance a sustainable food system

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The study and application of biotechnology have become essential in everyday life. This new research branch has reached every aspect of human activity, from agriculture to the medical industry and green energy. These have resulted from different innovations from molecular breeders, such as improved plant varieties and fortified plant seeds to ensure food security and safety and create a sustainable environment for plants and animals.

To ensure the continuity of these innovations, the IITACGIAR Bioscience Center organized a week-long workshop for graduates on “Hands-on Basic Molecular Biology Techniques.” The workshop took place at the Institute’s headquarters from 27 to 31 March, and the IITA Bioscience Lab Manager, Yemi Fajire, coordinated it.

The workshop was a learning opportunity for the participants to participate in the practical applications of biotechnology and molecular biology tools to harness agricultural improvements in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, it will standardize their work and increase their productivity in research.

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