IITA and WorldFish to align research and innovation activities in Africa

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In a move to align research activities and innovation scaling within the CGIAR in Africa, WorldFish Center Director General and CGIAR Senior Director of Aquatic Food Systems Essam Yassin Mohammed met with IITA Director General and CGIAR Regional Director for Continental Africa Dr Simeon Ehui at IITA headquarters in Ibadan.

With WorldFish exploring the expansion of research efforts in aquatic food systems on the continent, discussions during the meeting focused on collaborative structures and scaling research results to reach more end users.

Looking at how both Centers can increase their impact in Africa, DG Ehui said Mohammed’s visit is coming when the CGIAR is driving synergy within the 15 Centers. “This visit is a good opportunity to explore areas of working together in Africa and build on the existing collaboration between IITA and WorldFish in areas like nutrition security, livelihoods, and youth inclusion in Africa’s food systems,” DG Ehui said.

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