IITA and CGIAR partner with Zambia to increase innovation delivery with research facility launch

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In a major move to leverage its research efforts and strengthen an existing partnership of close to 40 years in Zambia, IITACGIAR officially launched state-of-the-art research facilities at the Southern Africa Research and Administration Hub (SARAH) in Lusaka.

Designed to create an enabling environment for increased collaboration and partnerships with government, policymakers, other CGIAR centers, and donors, the IITA-SARAH facilities will ensure better delivery of agricultural innovations to national programs in the region, improved research collaboration, faster innovation scaling, and enhanced regional policy engagements.

While IITA-CGIAR research interventions have contributed to improving food systems in Zambia, the research facilities herald the start of a significant commitment between IITA, CGIAR, and the Zambia Government to enhance agricultural productivity, food security, and livelihoods of millions in Zambia and the Southern Africa region.

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