IFPRI, BIMSTEC join hands to advance causes of food security (Dhaka Tribune) 

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In an interview with Dhaka Tribune, IFPRI Director General Dr. Johan Swinnen addresses a variety of subjects related to food security in Bangladesh, including systems transformation, food systems, climate shocks, and future food price shocks.

Dhaka Tribune writes that Swinnen is critical of countries imposing trade barriers soon after the Ukraine conflict, driving food prices up, and he praises Bangladesh for running OMS (open market sale) and VGF (Vulnerable Group Feeding) programs, contributing to mitigating the impacts of higher prices on vulnerable groups.

In the interview, Swinnen also explains his recent visit to Bangladesh. “IFPRI has worked in Bangladesh for many years. In close partnership with the government and non-government organizations, we have been able to contribute to improving food and nutrition security in the country. During this visit, I am excited to be signing a memorandum of understanding with BIMSTEC on March 5 here in Dhaka and to meet with many partners from the government, the European Union, and other organizations to discuss our future collaborations. I am also grateful for the opportunity to meet with a team of excellent researchers at our Bangladesh office.”

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