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Online Survey” by Got Credit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

(Market Intelligence Bulletin, Volume 1)
Berber Kramer, Carly Trachtman, Brendan Rice, Val Pede

Market Intelligence Work Package 5: Institutional Scaling and MELIA aims to generate evidence on the costs, benefits, and comparative effectiveness of a transdisciplinary approach to market intelligence-driven breeding, seed systems, and investment prioritization. As a first step, WP5 will conduct baseline investigations of the current perceptions, attitudes, and institutional incentives to utilize market intelligence information for breeding decision-making in crop-breeding teams (CGIAR, national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES), and private sector). This research will include both natural and social scientists.

Our aim is to assess the types of market intelligence that breeding programs currently use and to provide insights on how such intelligence can have a greater relevance and impact. As part of this activity, we are conducting:

  1. An online survey, to quantitatively measure changes in breeding programs across key outcome variables and to identify catalysts and potential bottlenecks to the uptake and application of market intelligence
  2. A participatory breeding investment simulation with crop-breeding professionals, to understand the decision process underlying breeder’s varietal investment and the extent to which market intelligence affects this choice.

To participate, complete the survey here and the breeding investment simulations here. Each activity takes about 30 minutes to complete. There are rewards for participating.

We invite all CGIAR, NARES, or seed-company crop breeders or other professionals who work in support of crop-breeding programs, including those engaged in crop modelling, agronomy, and social science, to participate. You may participate in either the survey or the breeding investment simulation, or both. For questions, please contact Berber Kramer (b.kramer@cgiar.org).

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