From staple to solution: Cassava Chat Friday promotes cassava value chain

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Cassava, known for its versatility and resilience, offers numerous opportunities for value addition, transforming it from a basic staple into a valuable commodity. Value addition in cassava involves processing it into various products, increasing its economic value and marketability.

The IITA-Malawi Cassava Unit organized Cassava Chat every Friday to educate and enrich staff’s knowledge of cassava. Given the changing climate and the impact of inflation on maize production in Malawi, cassava is emerging as a potential solution. Highlighting the importance and resilience of cassava for food security, IITA Cassava Breeder Elizabeth Parkes said, “When all the crops disappear, cassava remains.”

The sessions, anchored by IITA Agriculture Biotechnologist Theresa Cassandra Saini engaging cassava experts, have become an invaluable resource to participants, with a notable 85.7% resolving to engage in cassava farming.

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