Flagship Program 3 reviews progress, strategizes for 2019

Creating complementarities and synergies and harmonizing approaches were the key takeaways from the meeting of the GLDC’s Flagship Program 3 on Integrated farm and household management held in Nairobi, Kenya on 1-2 October.

Sixteen scientists from IITA, SLU, IRD-CIRAD, ICRISAT, WUR, ICARDA, and ICRAF brainstormed on ways to strengthen the technical program, create complementarities and synergies within the flagship and map projects and plan activities for 2019, while at the same time visioning key products and messages from the FP’s work.

The meeting started with an overview of the CGIAR Research Program and FP3 by the FP leader followed by presentations by CoA leaders. Group work was organized around cluster of activities (CoAs) to reflect on how activities can be grouped into 2-3 main ones for more coherence to demonstrate the integrated nature of the flagship.