Farming Families Worldwide Are Increasingly Growing More Than One Biofortified Crop

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The global nutrition community, increasingly focused on holistic approaches to improving diets, is promoting dietary diversification and ensuring that every element of the diet is as nutritious as possible. To support these objectives, HarvestPlus and its partners are leveraging opportunities to introduce more than one type of biofortified crop to a given smallholder farming community, especially when such a “food basket” approach is warranted for nutritional or socio-cultural reasons. 

The main objective of introducing multiple biofortified crops to farming households is to provide dietary complementarity and give the farmers a choice based on the staple food preferences in their area. It enables households to acquire multiple essential micronutrients from one food basket.

HarvestPlus is working with several partners in Africa and Latin America to make multiple biofortified crops available to the same smallholder farming families.


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