Farmer cooperatives essential to grassroots seed delivery

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The IITAPROSSIVA project, a key player in promoting seed delivery to rural communities, launched the Irepodun Farmers’ Association, Jarija Branch, in Akinyele Local Government Area (LGA) of Oyo State, Nigeria, on 23 November.

This event marked an essential step in PROSSIVA’s mission to establish seed hubs in various communities and integrate informal seed actors into formal systems. The focus was creating registered groups and cooperatives to bolster rural seed distribution.

Representatives from the Irepodun Farmers’ Association, including the Chairman of Eni-Osa Community in Lagelu LGA, Seyi Oyelade, attended the inauguration with most of the members from the Jarija Community Branch. Notably, the Eni-Osa Branch, a longstanding partner of PROSSIVA, provided crucial technical assistance in establishing and registering the Jarija Branch.

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