FAO prepares for the arrival of El Niño: How to act against hunger before humanitarian crises break out (El País) 

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The International Food Policy Research Institute points out that the international community has enough data to prevent more people from falling into food insecurity, writes El País in an article about the global food crises.

“If the daily weather forecast announces rain, anyone can take their umbrella to open it as soon as the first drops fall. It is the logic of forecasting to avoid ending up soaked when the downpour falls. It is the same logic that the International Food Policy Research Institute asks to apply in humanitarian crises that put the daily bread of the world population at risk. It does so in its recently published annual report.”

In a global context in which the number of hungry people has reached record figures – 828 million people in 2021, 46 million more than in 2020.The increase in undernourished is due, according to the IFPRI authors, “to conflicts, the pandemic, natural disasters related to the climate and the slowdown of the economy in many countries.”

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