Facilitating training programs for improving crop-livestock systems in Niger

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Training programs on silage making, animal health and laboratory management were held in Niger for researchers, extension service workers and farmers to improve crop-livestock systems in the region.

Silage making to improve utilization of stover

A study conducted in Maradi and Torodi villages indicated that more than 90% of the farmers conserve crop residues for animal feeding and that the traditional techniques of storing in a hayloft or open shed affected feed quality. At both Torodi and Maradi, farmers stored millet stover and cowpea hay, while Maradi farmers also stored sorghum stover and groundnut haulm.

Based on the above study, the training program on silage making held at Sadoré and Maradi shared techniques to improve utilization of cereal residues (millet, sorghum, etc.) to overcome feed constraints.

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