Enhancing yam plantlet production through innovative training

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Ziblila Sayibu, a dedicated Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) team member, has recently completed an intensive training program to revolutionize the production of Nucleus Stock and Breeder seed yam plantlets.

Sayibu delved into innovative methodologies, including Conventional Tissue Culture, Temporary Immersion Bioreactor System, and Provipak, with the goal of elevating yam cultivation practices.

The training began with hands-on activities in the glass house, involving the meticulous sorting of healthy and unhealthy plants. While healthy plants were used for the propagation process, the unhealthy ones provided valuable material for training on virus elimination within tissue culture.

The diverse activities included Yam Multiplication Medium Preparation, Soil Sterilization and Seed Yam Treatment, Provipak Substrate and Nutrient Preparation, Endophyte Indexing, Decision-making, and Post-Flask Management.

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