ENABLE-TAAT Kenya beneficiaries hail life-transforming experience

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After a training and mentorship period of 15 months, ENABLE-TAAT beneficiaries Jonathan Mutinda and Ian Mambo created their own enterprise in Kenya.

At the beginning of their venture, they leased one-eighth of an acre at Dukuma Dam, Makueni County, where they began planting and selling orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) and other vegetables. Within a year, their customer base had increased so much that they needed to expand their business. The team acquired two acres of land for production to meet the demand.

Mutinda and Mambo have attributed their success to their encounter with ENABLE-TAAT in Kibwezi. “If it were not for the experience we had with the ENABLE-TAAT in Kibwezi, we could not have started our journey of agripreneurship and doing agriculture as a business,” they said.

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