Empowering IRRI Portfolio Development Management Office and IRRI Tech Transfer: CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence Showcases the Full Potential of GloMIP's Impact Opportunities Portal

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Jhoanne Ynion, Neale Marvin Paguirigan, Bert Lenaerts, Matty Demont

Staff from the International Rice Research Institute’s (IRRI) Portfolio Development Management Office (PDMO) and Technology Transfer (ITT) were the first CGIAR colleagues to experience GloMIP’s Impact Opportunities (IO) Portal through an inaugural training session held on 20 March 2024. GloMIP is a tool that can empower its users to generate evidence-based outputs for resource mobilization and resource allocation matching funding opportunities. The training aimed to enhance PDMO and ITT’s capabilities in leveraging market intelligence for agricultural innovation.

During the training session, the participants were able to learn to navigate GloMIP’s IO portal, generate outputs in response to research questions that are typically asked by donors and investors, and extract valuable insights and visualizations essential for priority setting, project proposals, and various publications, including reports, papers, book chapters, and presentations.

Participants appreciated how the GloMIP IO portal can generate data visualizations that can be used to tell compelling, evidence-based stories. According to Ms. Rowena Oane, a Senior Specialist in PDMO, “GloMIP is very useful in identifying the opportunities and challenges that can help scientists to strategize what innovations/technologies to offer. For instance, the Market Segment is an amazing feature that tells the user what traits to focus on in a certain geographic location. With this information readily available, we can make meaningful suggestions/contributions to the scientists during proposal development.”

Dr. Matty Demont, Market Intelligence Initiative Leader, stressed that “We need to understand the opportunities out there. What are the opportunities? How can we tap into that? That is IRRI PDMO’s core business. The essence of this workshop is that we have a tool [GloMIP] for that, looking at the opportunities and overlapping them with where IRRI can contribute in [identifying] entry points.”

Participants were engaged with guided demonstrations and group exercises using GloMIP’s Impact Opportunities Portal. (Photos by Neale Paguirigan and Dehner De Leon)

The GloMIP In-house Training on the Impact Opportunities Portal is an initiative that helps the platform expand its use beyond breeding and genetic innovation. Through this training, teams within CGIAR are empowered to use the platform for diverse purposes, including resource allocation and research mobilization. The success of the inaugural session paved the way to further scale the platform to benefit other colleagues in CGIAR and beyond.

This training session was organized by an interdisciplinary team, comprising Mr. Neale Marvin Paguirigan, GloMIP Product Manager; Dr. Bert Lenearts, Lead for GloMIP’s Impact Opportunities Portal & Investor Dashboard; Mr. Dehner De Leon, Data Quality Analyst; and Ms. Ruvicyn Bayot, Project Manager, all from IRRI.

Are you ready to harness the full potential of GloMIP’s Impact Opportunities Portal for your organization’s growth and innovation? Join us in this journey towards maximizing impact and driving positive change. Visit our website today at https://glomip.cgiar.org/ or reach out to us via glomip@irri.org to learn more about how you can get involved and benefit from our GloMIP In-house training program.

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