Dr. Uma Shankar Singh as Interim Director of IRRI South Asia Regional Centre, India

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IRRI is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Uma Shankar Singh as the Interim Director of the IRRI South Asia Regional Centre. The appointment took effect on 1 November 2017.

Dr. Singh is widely recognized as an authority on seed and eco-friendly management of plant diseases. He is also a fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences in India, and served on various key scientific committees such as the Indian Phytopathological Society, the Governing Body of the Jharkhand Agriculture Development Council, and the Apex Committee to formulate the Pesticide R&D policy of India. He served as a visiting scientist at the Rothamsted Experiment Station in Harpenden, UK.

Located in Varanasi India, the IRRI South Asia Regional Centre is poised to be recognized as a state-of-the-art research hub for scientists across the region. It aims to deliver rice research expertise by producing stress tolerant rice varieties and conducting trainings in mechanization. It also seeks to strengthen partnerships with National Agriculture Research and Extension Systems (NARES), investors, and the private sector to ensure that IRRI products and technologies are translated into meaningful outcomes such as women empowerment and opportunities for the youth.

For more information on Dr. Singh, click here. For details on IRRI South Asia Regional Centre, go to irri.org/south-asia-center.

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