COVID-19: How the development community can contribute to food system recovery and resilience

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In the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic, open, data-driven collaboration and digitally-enabled global collective action are key tools for recovering and (re)building resilient global food systems.

The need for resilient food systems comes into stark relief during a crisis. Responses today must be agile and adaptive, facilitating the quickest possible recovery while equipping these systems to adaptively manage or avert crises in the future.

The whole of CGIAR is pivoting its 2020 plans towards response, recovery, and long-term resiliency of global food in light of the COVID-19 crisis. BIG DATA is supporting that effort, serving a cross-cutting, big-data enabling, and partnership role for our global organization. 

BIG DATA facilitates access to shared services to big-data enable response, recovery, and resilience. We anticipate these services will contribute to equip researchers and programs to sense and respond in a unified way to the crisis. 

We have identified some key ways CGIAR, BIG DATA and partners, and the wider development community can help… Read the full article.

Photo: Pratima Baral (center), researcher at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), leads a workshop for female farmers in Nepal.  ©2018 C. De Bode / CGIAR.

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