Call for applications for the CGIAR Gender Researchers’ Leadership and Mentoring Program

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The CGIAR Generating Evidence and New Directions for Equitable Results (GENDER) Platform, in collaboration with African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), is announcing the call for the CGIAR Gender Researchers’ Leadership and Mentoring Program.

The deadline to apply is July 31, 2021.

Targeting mid-career gender researchers in CGIAR, the Program seeks to equip participants with practical tools to increase their visibility, gain influence, and accelerate the impact of gender.

The CGIAR GENDER Platform-AWARD collaboration focuses on strengthening researchers’ capacity to influence institutional processes towards gender-equitable and socially inclusive agricultural transformation.

The CGIAR GENDER Platform, through its capacity development strategy, is working toward a world where research on gender equality drives transformation towards equitable, sustainable, productive, and climate-resilient food systems. AWARD has a long-standing commitment and track record of developing the capacity of gender research leaders to design and influence gender-equitable and sustainable agricultural development.

Program structure

Through  the  CGIAR Gender  Researchers’  Leadership  and   Mentoring  Program,  AWARD  is  committed  to  developing  effective and confident gender research leaders who will promote the advancement of science, policy and practice for gender-equitable and sustainable agricultural development.

The Program consists of four main components:

  • Leadership package
  • Coaching package
  • Mentoring package
  • Networking package

Expected outcomes

The focus on mentoring and leadership development of gender researchers, to support their professional career, personal growth, and capacities, will enable them to increase their perceived legitimacy and relevance – and that of their gender research.

Push limits to increase their visibility, influence, and relevance

  • Self-confidence and motivation to perform
  • Visibility through enhanced communication skills
  • Improved capacity to navigate the system of and to influence their organizations
  • Motivation for career progression

Empower with their inspirational experience and success stories

  • New insights about gender research
  • Free thinking and improved communication
  • Motivation to lead and perform

Anchor their impact and ignite change in the world

  • Enhanced visibility and respect for gender researchers
  • Improved interdisciplinary team collaboration within and between institutions
  • Increased commitment towards gender equality, institutional and societal change


To apply for the CGIAR Gender Researchers’ Leadership and Mentoring Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time employee in a One CGIAR center or a partner National Agricultural Research Institute
  • Be a mid-career gender researcher with at least a Master’s degree, preferably in social sciences
  • Have at least five years of experience in gender research and development studies or related fields
  • Participants from all geographies are eligible, but scheduling restrictions may apply
  • Both men and women researchers are encouraged to apply

Application procedure

  • The applicants are invited to fill in an online form on or before July 31, 2021. Please follow this link.
  • The applicants should also submit an updated CV and a recommendation letter from their direct supervisor via email to on or before July 31, 2021

Key dates

  • July 31, 2021: Call closes
  • August 2-6, 2021: Selection process
  • August 9-14, 2021: Notification to the selected candidates and institutional endorsement
  • August 30 – September 14, 2021: Needs assessment and pre-course
  • September 22, 2021: Program orientation
  • September 23, 2021: Program launch


For more information about the Program, please contact:

  • Michèle Mbo’o-Tchouawou, AWARD,
  • Marlène Elias, CGIAR GENDER Platform,
  • Pauline Bomett, AWARD,

More information on program packages


Participants will undertake a customized leadership and negotiations skills training course designed to strengthen the leadership capabilities of gender scientists and enhance their knowledge on:

  • Self-mastery and emotional intelligence
  • How to build resilience for thriving in the current rapidly changing world     Developing the courage to communicate and act effectively amid adversity     Techniques for driving change in challenging environments
  • Strategic influence and how to navigate politics to achieve high-level outcomes

Targeted coaching sessions will support gender researchers in their journey toward advancing their careers. The six-month coaching is tailored to:

  • Increase participants’ awareness of underlying thinking patterns that drive behavior and performance
  • Increase self-drive and influence
  • Enhance participants’ ability to leverage opportunities and navigate challenges

The  mentoring  package  includes  both  mentoring  sessions  and  mentoring  training  to  equip  the  gender researchers with the knowledge of a formal mentoring process and the mentoring tools they can use to enhance their career pathways and those of emerging scientists. The  training  provides  a  unique  opportunity  for  both  the  mentors  and  mentees  to  explore  how  different aspects influence personal and working relationships and develop a solid foundation for a successful  mentoring  relationship.  The  mentoring  sessions  will  bring  together  two  generations  of  researchers connected and investing in each other: a mentor and a gender researcher.

Within  their  mentoring  relationship,  the  mentors  and  gender  researchers  will  meet  regularly  to  discuss and document progress, challenges, and achievements against the goals set in their Purpose Road Maps.

It is hoped that the “graduates” of the Leadership and Mentoring Program will be influential leaders and role models who will strive to create a vibrant, visible community of practice. The community of practice will be designed as a network to share knowledge, learnings, and skills with peers and other stakeholders in the gender and agricultural development fields.

The   “graduates”   will   be   required   to   contribute   to   the   CGIAR   GENDER   Platform’s   annual   conferences,  which  are  some  of  the  networking  platforms  that  provide  the  opportunity  to  share  knowledge and forge collaborations within the CGIAR centers and beyond.

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