BSF larvae and frass production facilities delivered to IITA and partners

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The BSF for Bio Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability (BBEST) project team, led by IITA Ghana Country Representative Richard Asare, with partners and stakeholders, received the three black soldier fly (BSF) processing facilities established at Kofisah in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality to begin mass production of BSF larvae and frass.

BBEST, which is a research for development (R4D) project, seeks to address the challenges of unsustainable biowaste management and unsustainable supply of animal feed and organic fertilizer by recycling urban biowastes such as fruit, vegetable, slaughterhouse, and household wastes into economically viable products—animal feed and organic fertilizer, using BSF.

The processing facility, established within a 50km radius of waste collection points, was handed over to IITA to start production. After a thorough tour and a critical inspection of the facilities by the engineers, the Municipal Coordinating Director, IITA, its partners, and stakeholders, with no defect observed, the contractor officially handed over the three buildings to IITA.

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