‘Bringing a change’ in women’s equitable involvement in aquaculture

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This blogpost highlights 2020 research outputs of the WorldFish gender theme as part of the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH). Here, we focus on research examining gender in aquaculture, in particular gender-based market constraints in Egypt, and barriers and opportunities for women’s empowerment in aquaculture in Bangladesh.

 Gender barriers limit returns of women retailers in Egypt

 In Egypt, the aquaculture sector is a major source of employment, generating 19 full-time equivalent jobs for every 100 tons of fish produced throughout the value chain. Within this, the highest rates of employment are in retail, where large numbers of women operate as informal and unlicensed retailers.

Despite the significant employment, few studies have explored the livelihood constraints of women and men in informal fish retailRead the rest

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