A brief explainer of how REDD+ finance works

In one of largest ongoing efforts to tackle climate change, projects happening the world under the framework of REDD+ – reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation – are shoring up invaluable benefits for the planet’s collective future. But, this doesn’t come cheap. Who’s paying for it? Where does the money go? What are the returns on investment? And, why aren’t answers to these questions already widely known?

In the run-up to the Global Landscapes Forum Investment Case Symposium on 30 May – a high-level summit focused on sustainable investment – we spoke with CIFOR scientist Stibniati Atmadja, who’s worked with a team on groundbreaking, soon-to-be-published research about the current state of REDD+ finance. Read the story on a Forests News for a brief run-down on how it works.