AKILIMO Integration kicks off in Ghana

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The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) visited Ghana to integrate AKILIMO in the country. Through the Ghana Cassava Centre of Excellence (GCCE), ACAI linked up with existing private, non-profit, and government institutions and international NGOs that can integrate AKILIMO into their operations. Discussions have been progressing since 2020 via virtual meetings; physical meetings could not be held because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The field trip was to follow up on these previous interactions and assess the willingness of the GCCE to integrate AKILIMO into their operations and improve their relationships with cassava farmers in their networks.

The meeting objectives were to use existing maps developed to benchmark already established major cassava production areas, classify interested partners, and identify which AKILIMO decision support tools (DSTs) or formats are of interest. The ACAI team also aimed to check existing opportunities and the environment where partners work to align AKILIMO DSTs or formats.

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